Toras Dovid is named in memory of R’ Dovid Winiarz, A”H, a man with tremendous enthusiasm, happiness, and a love for Yiddishkiet – all which he channeled into bringing every Jew, religious or not-yet, closer to Our Creator.

Dovid Winiarz was a man who preached and practiced many ideals. He firmly believed that Torah is the inheritance of every Jew, regardless of his or her affiliation or background. He maintained that the Torah is a Toras Chaim – a Divine Instruction Manual, by which every Jew must live. He loved his Creator and wanted to bring all of G-d’s children back to His loving embrace. He was somebody who cared about all the people around him, and made it his business to help others in every way that he could. He was a dedicated husband and father who worked tirelessly to support his family, while never forgetting that it is just as important to give quality time to loved ones as it is to pay their bills. He was also the founder of an outreach organization called Survival through Education. As the name implies, Dovid felt that the Jewish People’s only chance at survival lay in each Yid being educated in Hashem’s ways. He was a supremely happy man who fulfilled his organization’s motto about the Torah – “Learn it, Live it, Love it!”

Kollel Toras Dovid is named after R’ Dovid Winiarz because its mission is to spread those ideals which he embodied. The overwhelming majority of Jews are presently completely unaffiliated with the treasure of their rightful inheritance. While the Ba’al Teshuvah movement is indeed picking up speed, there is still a gaping hole in the kiruv scene. That is, while kiruv yeshivos and organizations are doing a great job in the initial steps of bringing Jews back to Judaism, there are virtually no programs for returnees in the later stages, in America. Toras Dovid was created to fill the need.